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A summer of basket-making, 50 baskets in 50 days!

The 50/50 Show exhibition is currently open until October 1st, click here for directions and Sanchez Art Center hours.

My theme for the show is Abundance, we have all that we need. I embarked on a mission to create baskets using natural materials that were collected from my neighborhood or gathered from my supplies. My ultimate goal was to establish environmentally friendly art by utilizing existing materials instead of purchasing new ones.

I experimented with various materials such as plastic bags, plastic strapping tape, and strips of cotton T-shirts that were no longer wearable. However, I quickly realized that these materials were taking too long to develop, and I was only able to create a few baskets. Even natural materials like Palm leaves, Flax leaves, and Willow tree branches had to be foraged, cleaned, prepared, woven, and dried, which was a time-consuming process and took more than one day. As the deadline approached, I became more determined to finish the project. I created a system that worked best for me, using reed, yarn, and paper. Reed was used on days when my hands were strong and I had time to soak and prepare the reed. On days when my hands hurt, I opted for yarn, which was soft and easy to work with. For moments of precision, I used paper to cut and weave meticulously. With this system, I developed a rhythm and managed to complete one basket a day.

Initially, I was apprehensive about the challenge of creating fifty baskets, but I gradually became more confident. As I approached the end of the project, the stress and panic that I felt earlier on were replaced with a sense of relief. I am now proud to have accomplished this feat and to have contributed to the 50/50 Show, my unique baskets.

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